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Vintage clothing challenge (1 week)!

I have a bit of a passion for vintage clothing. The entirety of my closet does not consist of vintage items, but I do have a certain amount that I wear often. I really want to find quality items that fit my style but sometimes I don’t know where to look. In order to challenge myself, I wanted to spend one week only wearing vintage clothing!

Let’s start with a definition. According to the Cambridge Dictionary vintage is defined as: of high quality and lasting value, especially from the past. In order words, we could also call them timeless pieces from the past.

Challenge 1: shopping

I realized that if I had to wear only timeless pieces for one week, I’d have to go do some shopping. As a result, I grabbed my bag and went around town to some of my favorite thrift stores. I already have some jackets, but I really wanted to find more bottoms. In the first store I went to I found this skirt:

skirt vintage clothing

which I really like due to its simplicity. It is cute and high waisted and I really like the blue/grey faded color. This was a must-have for me and it was fairly inexpensive. I love a good bargain, you can read more about that in this article.

In the same store, I saw a couple of cute shirts, but they were pretty similar to some tops I already own. Even though it was difficult, I chose to leave them behind.

My favorite shirt

Afterward, I came across this shirt:

vintage shirt

I absolutely loved it! I like the neutral flower design and I expect it to be really easy to combine with other items. It was a little pricey but I managed to justify it to myself. The fabric is pretty thin so it is better for warmer weather which is fine for me.

I already have a lot of shirts but this one was a little different and I had to have it. I continued my shopping and found a few other items that I liked and that would fit really well with the challenge.

Vintage clothing: the week begins

I found it a bit difficult to combine entire outfits every day. I often had one piece in mind that turned out not to be truly vintage. But actually, I think I did a very good job. Throughout the week I received many compliments on my style. Also from people that aren’t big fans of this style!

Here are a few of my favorite outfits from the week:

vintage clothing

I have to say, I am pretty proud of this one. So, I really love the details of the socks. This was an outfit I already had, but I had never tried to combine the individual items this way. The style is pretty casual, and I wore it when I went to a cafe with friends (who all loved it by the way!). Now, this is vintage clothing the rocks!

Another one of my favorites was this dress which I wore to work: 

vintage dress

This is a bit more girly, but I love the simple design and the fact that it is not too short.

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