Upcycle your old clothes instead of throwing them away!

I would imagine a lot of women have a similar problem. Your closet is full of clothes and you might not use a lot of it! Maybe because it’s been there for so long it’s not trendy anymore, or maybe it just looked better in the store than at home. I’d, therefore, like to give a few tips on how to upcycle your clothes and give them new life!

Benefits both for the environment and your wallet – upcycle your fabrics!

Upcycle old clothes

Most women have a lot of clothes in their closet that is no longer in use. It might not be hip anymore or maybe it just doesn’t fit your style anymore! And then when you have your yearly closet cleaning, you might just throw it away and give it to charity… instead of upcycling it! With that said, giving it to charity is of course also a really good idea! Don’t want it to sound like I don’t support that!

Though, I’d like to speak for some DIY. Renew your clothes. Upcycle it as we call it now! Be your own charity! That way you can renew your wardrobe without spending too much money and the same way do something good for the environment! Maybe you can even make your clothes more vintage! You know I love that!

I have really become a fan of DIY “Do It Yourself” and to be creative. So great to see the results coming out of out – to be able to create something! It gets so much personal and of course unique. Not necessarily something you can just go buy in the shops! So I have done my research on how to upcycle your clothes, and I’d like to share a few tips!

5 tips you can use upcycling your old clothes!

  • You can renew your jeans in several ways. It’s very modern still to have worn jeans in a washed look and maybe even with some holes! So do that yourself to some old boring jeans. You can give them the washed look quite simple using bleach and water and spray it on the jeans and tear some holes in them. Then you’ll have some new trendy jeans!
  • Another quite simple way to upcycle is to add small details to the clothes. Like sewing new buttons on, put some patches on to cover holes (or just to give details). Add some small pearls or stones or whatever you’d like. If you are an experienced seamstress you can also sew on some pockets, laces or wherever your creativity takes you!

  • You can also do it more simple by cutting off the sleeves of a shirt or a blouse and renew for a fancy top. Or cut off the legs of a pair of jeans or trousers and have yourself a new pair of shorts! Again, if you are good at it, you could also remake it into a skirt!

  • The last tip for today is that you can also just wear the clothes different than normal. Tie up the shirt in front, so it will get a completely changed look. (or see in this video all these different ways you can do it). Put the shirt over your hip and use it as a skirt! Fold the collar down and tie the sleeves in front. Voila, a cute shirt skirt!


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