Sunglasses for you

Sunglasses! Pick the right type for your face shape!

Just as with clothes, some types of sunglasses fit your face better than others. Do you know what type of sunglasses are the perfect fit for your face shape? I used to use the completely wrong type before. Now, I know better! Here’s my ultimate guide for picking the right type! 

Step one: Figure out what type of face shape you got! 

We all have different face shapes, rectangle, heart-shaped, oval, diamond-shaped, round, or square. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what our own fave shape is. Try looking in the mirror or ask a friend. If you look online you’ll easily find forms that show you the different face shapes. The only bad thing about wearing glasses these days is wearing them together with a mask, luckily there are some really nice masks out there! 

Sunglasses that looks amazing on a square face. 

If you have a square face try looking for oval or round shaped sunglasses. This will give your face a softer look. 

Rectangular faces should have a look at these sunglasses! 

If you have a long and rectangular face go for oversized sunglasses. Lucky you! They are so in style as well! Aim for thinker frames, and stay away from small frames!

Do you have a lovely heart-shaped face? 

A key to finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for a heart-shaped face is avoiding straight lines on the top of the glasses. That would end up making the face appear longer. Think like a cat, go with glasses that have a corner that goes a bit upwards. Like a cat eye! Always trendy and in style! 

Cat eye sunglasses

Shine bright like a diamond! Do you have a diamond-shaped face? 

Do you have wide cheekbones and a smaller jaw? The perfect sunglass shape for you would be a pair of stylish oval glasses without frames. That will make your cheekbones pop and look amazing. Stay away from sharp edges and too wide glasses! 

If you have an oval face, go for these types of sunglasses! 

You have no idea how badly I wish my face was oval-shaped when I go shopping for a new pair of sunglasses! If you have an oval-shaped face, congratulations! Basically any type will fit your face perfectly! The only thing you should stay away from is massive frames. Besides this, play around and have fun! You will suit almost any style and look! I love shopping for sunglasses here, and if you have an oval shape you can pick and choose! 

Sunglasses and summer!

The perfect sunglasses if you have a round face. 

Use the curves of your face and rock the right type of glasses! The most important thing to think of is to never wear round shapes! Rectangular shaped glasses will fit your face perfectly! Think sharp and straight lines and if you wanna go for something fun, go for colorful frames! 

Did this guide help you? I remember when I learned these rules. When I then went shopping I tried on sunglasses that fit my face, and it truly made such a difference! Bought 2 new ones that very same day! Realizing I had been wearing the wrong shape for my face for years!

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