Put color on your fall outfit with makeup

This fall, earthy tones are the way to go for your outfit. And that’s perfect because it’s cozy and looks so good! But it can also get boring so the right accessories and makeup are essential to make your outfit hot! I’m sharing some tips on how you can mix and match the right tones, from head to toe (to face) this fall season. 

How to choose colorful makeup for your fall outfit

When you’re choosing makeup for this season, think about what you usually wear. Do you like a lot of accessories, are the shoes popping or does the handbag stand out? I love this season’s earthy colors and my tip is to tone it down with the accessories if you’re going for more visual makeup.

I always choose my outfit first. And let’s face it, that is the most fun part of all! But seeing the final result when you put that lest touch of makeup – that to me is priceless!

How to choose the right lipstick with your fall outfit

This season, whenever I choose a lipstick to go with my fall outfit I bring the outfit to the store. Or at least I bring a part of my outfit. Okay, it’s not like I bring it with me in my purse or anything. I put on the top part to see how it matches with the lipstick. Or if I’m wearing a dress, I put it on.

This is a really good way to choose the right lipstick to go with your fall outfit!

Choose the right lipstick with your fall makeup

I find that red lipstick goes well with fall colors, especially with brown, oak and coffee colors. Then there are the more natural, coral and orange lipsticks that go really well with greener tones. Dark green or emerald sweaters or dresses go well with these brighter colors. You can choose a color that really pops or one that’s more discrete.

Choosing the right eyeshadow to go with the rest of your outfit and makeup

Choosing the right eyeshadow is something I choose last. That’s only because I really am a fan of wearing lipsticks. So I match the eyeshadow when I decide to wear one, with the lipstick I chose first.

If I’m wearing a lipstick that really makes a statement and has a bright color, I go for discrete a discrete eyeshadow color. If I, on the other hand, have a more natural color on my lips then I go for something that makes the eyes stand out.

I usually recommend going with either a lipstick or an eyeshadow but if you match it right, I don’t see a reason to not wear both.

A final tip for matching makeup with your fall outfit

A final tip is to make sure that you make a statement with your makeup by always focusing on one area. Focus either on the eyes or on the lips. You can use an eyeshadow or eyeliner to make the eyes really stand out and shine. Or you can use a discrete eyeshadow shade and make the lips stand out while also using a bit of extra rouge or bronzer.

I hope this helped you and stay tuned for the tips coming up in the next article. It’s all about fall baby!

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