Honest Kiss: this is why I love online shopping

Online shopping is something most people have become familiar with. In many ways, I love both online and offline shopping, and I consider them to be completely different experiences. When I go offline shopping I enjoy the experience of being in a store that smells nice and where I can look at the selection in real life. The ambiance of the stores is often soothing and inspirational. Obviously there is another great advantage which has to do with the possibility of being able to try the clothes on. However, when I come across webshops such as Honest Kiss, I remember why I also love online shopping!

But wait, what is Honest Kiss?

Honest Kiss is a type of webshop concept and it is subscription-based. You sign up and get a free gift box and then your membership means that you get gift cards every month that you can spend in the webshop. The advantage is that their prices are far below retail price so you save a lot of money if you use your gift cards. The shop has products for men and women and consists of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products.

Online shopping: convenience & inspiration


Sometimes it is nice to sit with a smartphone or laptop at home on the couch and just scroll through cool stuff. This is also a great way to get inspiration. Especially if you find a cool shop that lets you explore and gives you a nice experience. What I really like about Honest Kiss is the ambiance of the shop. It is more than just a website, as a member you feel very special and at home. It is also such a good time saver since you don’t have to spend time getting to and from a physical store.

Honest Kiss: How I became a member

One of my friends told me about the concept and the website. Af first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to join, but I signed up for the free gift box. I really loved the content and when I saw the amazing discounts I could benefit from, I was sold. I am so glad that I have become a member and I use my gift cards every month to buy things for myself and also gifts for family and friends.

The gift box from Honest Kiss

There are several different gift boxes to choose between. I chose one with really nice makeup. I also considered another one with some travel accessories as they looked very cute and practical. You can choose between many different types of boxes; there is something for everyone for sure! Be careful though, they are only available while stock lasts. If you see one that you really like, don’t wait too long to sign up!

Honest Kiss is more than just Beauty and Fashion!

Surprise: this is more than just a regular webshop! You may have noticed that I also mentioned lifestyle as a topic with regards to Honest Kiss. Basically, this means that you can purchase a selection of services as well. This includes a personal stylist, a personal trainer, masterclasses and then you can try subscriptions from streaming providers and magazines for a small fee and with no commitment or hassle. I tried a subscription for a magazine for one month and it was so easy and I didn’t have to worry about canceling it or anything.

My favorite products from the shop

By now, I feel somewhat familiar with the selection on Honest Kiss. Or well, there are new products all the time, but I feel I know my way around. I have found many nice things, also vintage pieces which I love. In order for you to truly grasp the concept of the shop, I will share some of my current favorite products and services. Get ready for a fun ride!

L’Occitane Immortelle Cream for Eye Area

honest kiss l'occitane

Sometimes I get sensitive eyes. For that reason, I have to be very careful in terms of choosing skincare products that come close to my eyes. At the same time, I really want to take good care of the skin around my eyes. I tried this cream and it ticks all these boxes! Is has a calming effect on the eye area and it is quickly absorbed by the skin. And I generally really like the brand L’Occitane! In addition, this is a very affordable cream, especially on Honest Kiss!

  Sunglasses from Polaroid

Polaroid sunglasses Honest Kiss

Another one of my favorite purchases from Honest Kiss! I mainly chose these sunglasses because the discount was immense (something around 70% compared to the retail price). When I tried them on I was pleasantly surprised. I think they fit my face really well and they are very light and comfortable to wear. Sunglasses can be a bit difficult to find, but I feel so lucky with this pair. Polaroid is a brand I am not super familiar with, but I can see that there are several other sunglasses from the brand in the shop. Next time I am in the market for sunglasses I think I will buy from them again.

Calvin Klein Ck IN2U HIM

calvin klein honest kiss

Some time ago I was invited to a birthday party for a close friend. I know which types of fragrances he likes, and this one from Calvin Klein is one of them. Again there was a great discount and it arrived really fast. In the future, I think I will use Honest Kiss for presents, etc. as there is a great selection. If they don’t wish to keep it, they can just look for something else on there and I can return it.. That way my friend and family also get great value for money. Who can say no to that? 🙂

Subscription to Spotify

For a couple of years now, I have not been paying for Spotify Premium. I kind of miss it, but I did not want to enter my credit card details since I was pretty sure I was going to forget unsubscribing in time. The advantage with Honest Kiss is that you get the trial subscription without entering the credit card or anything. I also have a plan to try subscriptions for e-books and magazines since I really want to broaden my horizon in general. That is on my to-do list, in fact, I think I will do it next month as I hope to have more time to myself!
Check out the selection of subscriptions here: 

Sneakers from Laura Biagiottisneakers honest kiss

When I came across these sneakers I just had to have them! There is something retro and joyful about them that instantly made me in a good mood. They also looked comfortable, which turns out to be the case as well. They are quite soft and bendy and the fit is great with my feet. I have never tried this brand before but I have seen it several times. When I find a brand with shoes that fit my feet well, I take note of it. My feet deserve the best, ’cause hey, they carry me around all day!

… That one item I had to return

So far I have only had to return one item from Honest Kiss. It was a dress that looked really nice in the picture. When it arrived it was also really nice looking in real life, but unfortunately, it did not look good on me.  I was curious to see how easy it would be to return it (aren’t we always when shopping online?). Quite frankly it was very easy. I got my credit back straight away and everything was very efficient. To me, it is super important to have a good return policy when shopping online. When it comes to sizes and overall fit it is pretty impossible to know the result before trying it on.

My plans for my next Honest Kiss gift card

Next month when I get the next gift card I already have a few products in mind.  I need some practical sandals of some sort, and I have found 2 or 3 pairs that look really nice. Luckily, it is a bit easier with sandals in terms of sizes compared with other types of footwear, so I hope I can pick the correct size the first time. Lipstick is another category I am interested in for next month, and I want to try new colors for sure.

Conclusion: my experience online shopping with Honest Kiss

Online shopping is a favorite of mine! Especially when it comes to webshops such as Honest Kiss. You can get many things in one place and the discounts are just….. wow. I plan to continue the subscription for a while since it makes good sense financially. New products are added all the time I have noticed. Maybe I could try to write them an email with suggestions for brands and products, who knows, they might take it into consideration? Either way, it has been such a positive experience that I can only recommend it to everybody who loves shopping. Offline shopping is still a passion of mine, but fortunately, it is possible to do both. In fact, they complement each other really well.


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