Fashion Colors 2020: Earthy and Natural Colors Are Here!

Fall brings earthy colors so when the fashion colors that are trending are natural and earthy – count me in! Bring out the beige sweaters, the cognac coat and the dark chocolate boots! The earthy and natural colors we’re talking about today are brown tones. 

Fashion colors we’ve seen on the catwalks

I don’t always jump on every trend that comes my way. I think that would make my wardrobe look waaaay too crazy! And when I started seeing the natural and earthy fashion colors showing up on the catwalks and in the stores, I was a bit hesitant. Hesitant because I didn’t believe that matching colors in similar tones would actually work.

But I tried it and I have to say that I am loving it!

It even works matching very similar tones so with only a slight shade difference between the sweater, bag and pants for example. Accessories such as a watch in a different color or a hat are the perfect tools to break up the all-natural and earthy outfit.

Makeup is also a great way to break up the outfit. Choose darker colors or define your eyes by putting on some extra black eyeliner – classy and hot!

Don’t forget to have this in your closet this fall.

I recommend that you have at least two of each item to mix and match your fall fashion colors. Accessories and shoes not included (we have many more of those, don’t we?).

For example, make sure to have one sweater that is in golden brown and one in dark oak in your wardrobe. Then a pair of pants and a skirt, both in different tones. A pair of shoes in dark chocolate brown or dark chestnut brown is a really nice touch. You can also go for a pair of black ankle boots if you want or a black leather bag.

Fashion colors - hats

Oh and yes, by the way – hats are so in right now!

I always say that choosing your hat is very personal. Your hat is like your purse or your jewelry, it says a lot about your personality and shows what kind of a person you are. It might not be something everyone thinks about but the things you wear speak volumes.

When choosing a hat, go for on that feels like you. Choose the right shape and a hat that goes with what you’re wearing. I never put a hat on before I have chosen my outfit first. If you’re unsure about what kind of shape fits you and don’t have access to trying on tons of hats, there are websites that can help you choose the right hat.

Except for hats in the seasonal fashion colors, there are a few styles that are in this fall. Berets and cowboy hats are popular right now in different sizes. Wide brim hats are also in this season and this one is personally one of my favorite styles. When it comes to materials, faux fur hats are taking the spotlight too, especially with the shape of the bucket hat.

If you have any thoughts about this season’s colors and trends, feel free to share here in the comments!


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