Woman putting on false eyelashes

Beginners guide for putting on false eyelashes!

It really is a beginners guide, because it was also the first time I put on false eyelashes. So I’d like to share my experience with you. I’ve gathered a small and simple guide for you. I hope you can use it!

The first step is to find the right false eyelashes!

It was the first time I have to try putting on these false eyelashes. I’ve always just used a really good mascara to define my lashes. My favorite mascara is the Colossal from Maybelline. I have never tried false eyelashes nor extensions.

With no experience, I had to research a bit and ended up using some guides from different beauty sides. I gathered a few tips from each site and that seemed to work! I liked the result that’s for sure!

Beautiful eye with false eyelashes

So the first step is to actually find the proper type of false eyelashes. I started out with the ones called strips lashes, as these are the easiest ones to put on. It’s only one piece, that you can trim so it fits your eyes. Apparently the best ones to use with the highest quality are called Velour lashes, but they are made out of 100 % mink!!! So I’d rather use synthetics or the ones made with human hair.

When I’ll be more experienced though, I’d like to try with individual flare lashes instead. It gives a much nicer look I think. But they are much harder to put on!

A thing to remember when you buy the false eyelashes is also to check if there is any glue with! Cause I firstly just bought some lashes without thinking about that, and my package did not contain any glue… I bought this one from Kiss.

And the rest is actually not that difficult!

My eyelashes are quite light in their color or not that defined, so I applied some mascara before I started to put on the lashes. Not much, but it is recommended to give your lashes some color if you do have brighter lashes.

In general, it is much easier to apply your makeup before putting on false eyelashes. Especially mascara of course, but also the eyeliner. So since I always wear that too, I put that on first!

Woman with false lashes

As a rookie in this, I found it quite difficult to put on the eyelashes in one piece. So I chose to cut them in 3 pieces. You should then put on some glue on the inner piece – the one with the shortest lashes. Let the glue dry for 15 seconds before you put on the lash. That way it doesn’t slide as easy over the eyelid.

Then the hard part comes! It is important to put on the lash as close to your own lashes as possible. There should be no gap in between. You do easiest by lifting your eyelid. Put a finger under your eyebrow and lift a bit upwards.

I would also recommend using a tweezer to put them on with. My big fingers had some hard time do it! Repeat the same steps for the last pieces and the other eye – and voila! Your beautiful false eyelashes are ready to go! It was actually surprisingly easy and after attempts, I can now also put the lash on in one piece. Give it a try, the result is stunning!

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