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Face mask fashion: how to wear your mask

The world has changed. Nowadays a lot of people around the world wear a face mask to limit the spreading of covid19. In some cases, a medical mask is recommended, but for the general public, a fabric mask is also acceptable. Although somewhat unpractical, it opens up a whole new world of fashion!

I am all for looking at the bright side of things. Having to wear a face mask is important so that we can all stay safer. Additionally, it means that we have one more fashion item on our bodies! Instead of letting it get in our way, we can use it as an opportunity to express ourselves the way we do with our look and outfits in general.

Face mask: which color to choose?

If you don’t want to spend too much time in the morning when choosing your outfit, it can be a good idea to have a neutral color option. This could be a white, black or nude option. If you think this gets a bit too boring, you can also find a white mask with black flowers or similar.

You can also do the exact opposite. If you feel that your outfit it a bit boring in terms of color, you can use an eye-catchy and colorful design or a very noticeable pattern. Vintage colors are also a neutral but classy option.

cat statement cute face mask

A face Mask with a statement

Do you have a cause or a hobby you are very passionate about? Then you can probably find a mask with a well-fitting statement. There is a ton of statement face masks out there, and it is an effective way of expressing yourself. Are you passionate about animal rights? Choose a vegan statement mask. You can also find a statement that describes who you are. If you are a teacher, tell the world! Do you love gardening, show it! If you love cats, what better way to show it than this?

Cute designs that will make your heart melt

Thankfully, there are a lot of face masks with cute designs on the market. Whether it is animals, flowers, or patterns you can get that little spark of cute. Here is a selection of masks that I think are super cute:

Alternative Face Masks

Face mask print

There are also some alternatives to traditional fabric masks. You can choose a bandana style as well. This will give you a bit of a rough look, and if you ride a motorbike this is the perfect combination.
A more covering option is also available. If you live somewhere with cold weather, you can get a face cover that also extends to your neck. You just have to make sure that it does not fall down below your nose and that the fabric is comfortable to wear for an extended period of time.

Most importantly: stay safe and follow the guidelines of your country. We will get through this together.

*Disclaimer: this is not medical advice.



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