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Etsy Review: Artisanal And Unique Platform

If you haven’t come across this webshop yet, you are missing out. Today I wanted to write an Etsy review, simply because I love the webshop. You can find the cutest things on there, and a lot of it is homemade by creative people! Here we go.¬†

I buy a lot of established brands. When I find a brand I like, I tend to stick with it, because I know what to expect. However, I also like to buy more hand-crafted and peculiar items. A couple of years ago I came across the webshop Etsy and I am so glad I did! It is an amazing place to find cute things for yourself and especially gifts.

Etsy Review: What Is The Concept?

This webshop has a variety of clothing, accessories and also items related to interior design. Most of it has some handmade or artisanal aspects to it, and you can find very unique designs and styles. It is a different shopping experience and in a way, it is a bit like Amazon, but an artisanal and cutesy version of Amazon. There are also many niche products on Etsy and even just having a look around is an experience. They have a wide selection of cute face masks which I also wrote a post about.

My Favorite Categories and Products

Recently I have been reorganizing my apartment, and I also had to find new furniture. I like retro designs and I took a look at the selection in the webshop.  I was pleasantly surprised, what a beautiful selection!

etsy furniture

Above you see an example of the selection and they all look to be high quality and unique. I purchased a small corner table and two lounge chairs. I still have to decide where to put them, so I don’t have a proper picture of them yet.

They also carry interesting decorations for your home. If you like having decor that nobody else has, you should go have a look. Just browse through the site. You will become inspired!

Etsy Review: I have to mention this particular item

For a little bit of context, it is essential to mention that Etsy is a platform where sellers can set up shop. Some boutiques on there have vintage items. I found this antique couch that I absolutely love:

Isn’t it stunning? You can buy it here:

It is a little pricey and I wouldn’t know where to put it. But if you are in the market for unique, antique or vintage items, this is the place to go.

Etsy Review Conclusion

This is a safe, inspirational, cute, and fun place to shop. If you appreciate niche and art artisanal items, you will love it. I really wanted to write this Etsy Review because I experience that not a lot of people know about the site. Additionally, you can support small vendors that spend a lot of time on their products. One thing is certain, you are sure to find something interesting on there and it is difficult to close the browser without making a purchase.

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