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Cute Face Masks: check out my top 5

We live in a world that has changed rapidly over the past year. In an almost post-apocalyptic world, we have reached a “new reality”… All seriousness apart, there are a few advantages (if we insist on looking on the bright side of the situation). Introducing: cute face masks! Let’s bring a little cuteness to the world. Here I share 5 of my favorite masks with a cute design.

#1 Happy Avocados – one of the cutest of cute face masks

avocado cute face mask

I don’t know if it is simply because I am a fan of avocados but I really find this mask super cute. Avocados – I like. Happy avocados – I love! In addition, I love green. Well, I love most colors, but green is such a happy color. Reminds me of fresh-cut grass and being in the forest. One almost forgets the gravity of the world’s health situation when wearing happy avocados.
You can check out my other article about how to style your face mask here.

#2 The Meow Mask – the cat king of cute face masks

cute face masks cat

Even if you don’t love cats, this mask is undeniably cute. There is something about the soothing pastel colors and the innocent little cat faces. It is a tad juvenile, so if you combine it with a certain type of outfit, it may look very young. Not that there is anything wrong with that. On the other hand, if you combine this mask with a neutral t-shirt and a pair of classic jeans, the mask stand out and defines your outfit. In a perfect cat-cute manner. Voilà.

#3 Cute Flower Design

And now it’s time for a classic. There is a ton of cute face masks with flowers out there. Personally, I like it when there is a little smiley face on there. Obviously there is a ton of different designs and colors you can choose between. I have found a variety of cute examples on this webshop:

#4 The Perfect Detail – simple & cute face masks

Sometimes it is not necessary to have a fancy pattern or lots of colors. A simple detail such as a heart or a butterfly can also go a long way. Especially if you have an outfit with a lot going on, a simple mask will accompany the style really well. More is not always better and sometimes details are the silver lining of fashion!

#5 Hearts are always cute!

heart fabric mask

For the final option, I had to choose a cute face mask with little hearts. I like this one in particular because it looks handmade and also the colors. There is a ton of options out there you will easily find one to your liking. If covering up our faces is a part of our new future, at least we can do it our way with adorable designs. Which one is your favorite?

Remember to stay safe and follow the health recommendations in your country.

*Disclaimer. This is not medical advice and all the above-mentioned masks are of non-medical nature.

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