Brad Mondo Hair Craze Neon

The latest hair craze by Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo is an American hairstylist who rose to fame through his infamous YouTube channel. With over 6 million subscribers & 1.4 million followers on his Instagram account, Brad Mondo is a well-known stylist to the stars. Coupled with his famous friends, he also has an estimated net worth of around $3 million USD. Overall, not too bad for a 25-year-old! If you have watched any of his recent videos, you may have seen that he has launched his own product line of neon hair dye. What’s more, his followers have been trying out the new style, and the results speak for themselves.

You know that feeling when you want to shake up your look and take a risk with new hair colour. However, things go terribly wrong. We have all experienced this at some point, I’m sure. Maybe you are considering trying out a new shade now? If so, make sure that you do take measures to take care of your hair. I have some great tips for good hair care. Now, followers of Brad have actually taken a video of their experience experimenting with at-home hair dye treatments. Whereas all achieve an eye-catching look, some of the looks are second to none…and then there are the others! Let’s take a look at some of the ultimate Brad Mondo looks.

Brad Mondo Rainbow Hair

Brad Mondo rainbow hair – level: extreme!

Evidently, this hairstylist loves colour! People are no longer scared to colour their hair in any colour. Move over brunettes & blondes, that was so yesterday. Today, we have green hair, bright pink hair, and for the more daring ones amongst us, try out rainbow or ‘unicorn’ hair. After all, who doesn’t want to be a unicorn? For this look, Brad Mondo praises originality. Surely, it’s not every day that you see someone in the street with hair quite like this.

Altogether, the procedure to attain this look is far from simple. You will need to precisely section all of your hair, selecting which parts of your hair you want in which colour. Most importantly, be sure to clean your hands or use a new pair of plastic gloves between dying each section to avoid cross-contamination of colours. Another key point is that you will need a lot of hair dye, multiple bottles of different colours. So, this look can be quite costly, as well as being a great deal of work. Whether you choose a vertical look or an ombre style, this will require a lot of patience. Despite this, the result is absolutely fabulous.

Brad Mondo Split Hair

Look no.2: split hair dye

The split dye look is ‘less extreme’ shall we say, and yet embraces neon hair dye in all of its glory. Having applied this look to his very own hair, in pink & turquoise, Brad Mondo set a trend. For those of you with dark hair, you will first need to bleach your hair, possibly twice, to ensure that the colour takes. As a result, do bare in mind that your hair may become vulnerable to split ends and hair breaks. Although some of his followers have opted to try a half blonde with half brunette style, Brad Mondo encourages you to be bold and embrace the colours of the rainbow in your hairstyle. To try out this style, or all-over neon colour, take a look at XMondo Color where you can find all of his own hair dye creations from super pink to purple to blue.

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