Drink enough water a day

Do you drink enough water during the day?

It is extremely important for your body and wellbeing to get enough fluids during the day. Many tend to forget drinking enough water and that can make more damage than you know. Your body really needs enough fluids. So if you drink enough it can have a really good effect on your wellbeing. Your body …

cute face masks

Cute Face Masks: check out my top 5

We live in a world that has changed rapidly over the past year. In an almost post-apocalyptic world, we have reached a “new reality”… All seriousness apart, there are a few advantages (if we insist on looking on the bright side of the situation). Introducing: cute face masks! Let’s bring a little cuteness to the …

Wash your makeup brushes

Do you wash your makeup brushes? I did not…

Did you know, that your makeup brushes most likely are filled with nasty bacteria? Do you remember to wash your brushes? Bacteria are everywhere and you cannot get rid of them 100 %, however, why not try to kill the ones possible. Wash your makeup brushes! Why is it so important to wash my makeup …

face mask fashion

Face mask fashion: how to wear your mask

The world has changed. Nowadays a lot of people around the world wear a face mask to limit the spreading of covid19. In some cases, a medical mask is recommended, but for the general public, a fabric mask is also acceptable. Although somewhat unpractical, it opens up a whole new world of fashion! I am …

My best makeup hacks

DIY makeup hacks you should try at home!

Life hacks in all sort of ways have become so big on social media platforms! I’ve read a lot of beauty and makeup hacks, that I’d like to share with you! Only the ones I’ve tried, that works! Makeup hacks for your nails! There are so many different makeup hacks out there and a loooot …

My best hair care tips

A few of my simple tips for good hair care

I like to take good care of my hair. It’s such a big part of your appearance and looks. So to have healthy and beautiful hair is just alpha-omega! I’d, therefore, like to share some of my easy tips for good hair care. My best hair care tips for you! As mentioned, I’d like to …

My favourite makeup products

My favourite makeup products for the everyday look!

I love to put on makeup and I also wear a lot every day! Meaning, I also use up my makeup quite rapidly. I, therefore, love to find some nice quality products, but to a reasonable price. Read along and take notice of my favourite products I use for the everyday look! Good quality makeup …


Honest Kiss: this is why I love online shopping

Online shopping is something most people have become familiar with. In many ways, I love both online and offline shopping, and I consider them to be completely different experiences. When I go offline shopping I enjoy the experience of being in a store that smells nice and where I can look at the selection in …

vintage fashion

Vintage clothing challenge (1 week)!

I have a bit of a passion for vintage clothing. The entirety of my closet does not consist of vintage items, but I do have a certain amount that I wear often. I really want to find quality items that fit my style but sometimes I don’t know where to look. In order to challenge …