Get your makeup ready for Fall!

Fall is the best time to be bold and explore with your make-up choices. Leaves are falling from the trees and we are surrounded by beautiful colours. I like to adapt my make-up to the seasons, and Fall is my all-time favourite season. The make-up trend of 2020 is to make a statement, but how …

Fall is coming!

Fall is coming! I’m so excited about this season’s fashion!

I love the summer, but it also feels nice seeing the seasons change. And after looking at this year’s fashion for the fall, I honestly can’t wait! Bikini and sunglasses are exchanged with knitted sweaters and hot cocoa, can’t complain! So as the days are getting colder, sit yourself down on your couch and look …

Fashion that I love!

Fashion styles that I love and adore!

Some types of styles in fashion are iconic! You just have to say the word and images of different looks and styles will come pouring in. Like just mentioning the ’60s will spark an image of a flower girl in a floral dress with braids in her hair. Or the 70’s with wide pants and …

etsy review

Etsy Review: Artisanal And Unique Platform

If you haven’t come across this webshop yet, you are missing out. Today I wanted to write an Etsy review, simply because I love the webshop. You can find the cutest things on there, and a lot of it is homemade by creative people! Here we go.  I buy a lot of established brands. When …

high-waisted jeans

High-waisted Fashion – so nice to have it back!

Do you remember back in the 2000s and early 2010s where everything had to be low-waisted? And sometimes very low? It’s been a while since we’ve seen that kind of fashion in stores. There are benefits when it comes to both of these trends and it is interesting to see how long high-waisted fashion remains …

Sunglasses for you

Sunglasses! Pick the right type for your face shape!

Just as with clothes, some types of sunglasses fit your face better than others. Do you know what type of sunglasses are the perfect fit for your face shape? I used to use the completely wrong type before. Now, I know better! Here’s my ultimate guide for picking the right type!  Step one: Figure out …

Give clothes new life with the Honest Kiss donation program

Honest Kiss is helping the planet

I think it’s important to take care of the environment and our wonderful planet! For me, it is important to be able to do as much as possible to reduce my own ecological footprint. If we are all helping, we will go a long way. I also love fashion and beauty and often have a …

Double cleansing face

Double cleansing: how you do it, and why

As a girl that really cares about my makeup and skin, double cleansing is essential. I started double cleansing after I was getting a facial at a spa about a year ago. I have really noticed a big difference in my skin, and because of that, I’d love to tell you why you should do …

Woman putting on false eyelashes

Beginners guide for putting on false eyelashes!

It really is a beginners guide, because it was also the first time I put on false eyelashes. So I’d like to share my experience with you. I’ve gathered a small and simple guide for you. I hope you can use it! The first step is to find the right false eyelashes! It was the …