Royal Fashion Female Icons

Royal queens of fashion from the United Kingdom

Remember the days of dressing up as your favorite royal princess, as a child. Fear not, as you can still do the same. Except, royal fashion does not comprise of a bright pink tutu and wand. Rather, style, elegance, and fashionable pieces that we can all wear. As matter of fact, the females that I have mentioned below have as much influence as celebrities in terms of giving publicity to a certain item of clothing. These garments are quickly sought after and rapidly sell out. Even today as adults, it’s clear that we still want to dress as the princesses do.

Royal Fashion Dress Like A Princess

The latest royal – Meghan Markle

Leading the way in the past year is Meghan Markle. Previously a famous actress, Meghan recently married Prince Harry. Some people have it all, don’t they? With her olive complexion, Meghan is often seen wearing earthy and natural colours, which are all the rage this season. In addition, during her royal tours, she always dresses in such a feminine fashion when in the public eye. Shirt dresses are her thing and she wears them fabulously. Another key point is her ability to assemble a complete outfit. She has a flair for bringing together jackets, hats, accessories, whilst at the same time layering, and creating monotone looks. This royal has been crowned the most influential dresser in the world of fashion.

Royal Fashion Female Icons Princess Diana

The first royal to lead the way in fashion

The one and only Princess Diana will forever be a figure who displayed nothing less than elegance, grace, refinement & sophistication. For me, she was the pinnacle of royal fashion. At length, she set the standard for the next generations. What’s more, she showed how being a royal, does not always mean that you always have to follow the rules. Instead, she took risks with fashion. The first royal of my generation at least, to wear an off-the-shoulder number. For me and you, we wouldn’t think twice about this being ‘frowned upon’. Albeit, she was a princess, a real one at that! Despite this, in her legacy, she brought attention to British designers, as an advocate for Catherine Walker, Gina Fratini, etc.

Kate Middleton needs no introduction

A true English rose, what I personally love about the Duchess of Cambridge is that she was not born into her title. Even so, what a splendid job she is doing. Maybe, deep down, she is as humble as the rest of us. Kate Middleton even wears high street fashion. Such as a pair of pink trousers from the UK high street store Marks & Spencers, & Zara’s khaki green floral dress that she wore to a seperate event. Without a doubt, if she has been spotted wearing it, and it’s affordable, it’s certainly going to sell out.

Be that as it may, let’s not forget that Kate is still royalty. As elegantly as she looks in high street pieces, she is naturally partial to a designer garment. In particular, those beautifully created by the infamous Alexander McQueen. Like all of our females, Kate of course is representing the noble family so must dress in an elegant fashion. Don a colourful printed dress, feminine blouse with tailored pants, or a tailored coat, and you are one step closer to dressing like a royal. If you are looking to follow in Kate’s footsteps, and find your own Prince Charming, follow her own style blog for inspiration.

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