On-trend Overcoats Winter Season

On-trend overcoats to wear this winter season

Overcoats are now a must as national restrictions are lifted and we again have the freedom to meet our friends. Earlier, we had so much hope for summer & spring. As it may, 2020 had other plans for us. We didn’t get to show off our outfits as much as we would have liked. Now as the nights are getting colder, we need to wrap up warm. Sobeit, that doesn’t suggest that we cannot acquire the latest styles on the runway. I have followed the creations of Vogue, Alexander McQueen, & Carolina Herrera, to bring you the latest on-trend overcoats for this season.

On-trend Overcoats Winter Season Leather Jacket

Biker chics arise – the leather look is back

Undeniably, the prospect of wearing leather with the minus temperature outside can put someone off this look. In truth, I myself have braved the cold in the name of fashion. Do not despair, the runway has an answer! Leather coats with fur lining. Keeping you both snug and stylish. These overcoats are on-trend when in this season’s fashion colours of a brown or buttery shade. Wear this with a cream coloured turtleneck and slimline trousers, for a timeless style to wear to any occasion.

Make a statement with maxi overcoats

Without a doubt, maxi overcoats get you noticed. Even more so when 2020 brings the maxi coat into the spotlight and combines it with a bold print. Particularly the bright and luminous yellow style. In the same fashion, this season we have seen a lot of tiger print on the catwalk so why not release your inner animal and dare to be brave with this fearless print. In the same way, search for overcoats with a checked or tartan print for a more preppy style.

Puffer piece

Do you sometimes have one of those days where you don’t feel like putting effort into your outfit? Throw on your puffer overcoat and you no longer have to worry about seeing someone you know as you go to do your grocery shopping. As can be seen, by the designs of Alexander McQueen & Balenciaga, excessive volume is key here. However, to avoid looking like we bought the wrong size, look for overcoats with a cinched waist, for a softer contoured look.

On-trend Overcoats Winter Season Faux Fur

Optimum overcoats to keep you cosy warm

Are you one of those people who always feel cold? I have a solution for you. Faux fur is much more than just a trend. It will keep you warm and happy on the inside as well as bang on fashion, on the outside. With these overcoats, you will always stand out from the crowd. If you want to take this trend to the next level, decide on a bold colour. The neon trend lit up the runway, but take care as this bold style will not match with all outfits. For a more versatile option, opt for a more natural tone.

Shimmy over Superman, that cape is ours

Ok, so not literally like the one a superhero would have. In essence, a classy piece. These elegant overcoats will add a modern and classic look to both casual and evening wear. Carolina Herrera & Rodarte both showed us how to own this look flawlessly. As shown by the designers, a full-length design will provide the ultimate impact. On the other hand, if you hold a shorter frame, avoid this style. Instead, a mere shoulder-grazing style will flatter your frame nicely.

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