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Online shopping is changing? Michael Ginnerskov Jensen reveals

We have all noticed that going to a physical store goes more and more away. Online shopping is growing more day by day, and every day we can see new online stores appearing. Michael Ginnerskov Jensen has a theory about how online shopping is changing and reveals this.

People want everything to be as easy as possible

I am already fond of online shopping, but when I heard about Michael Ginnerskov Jensen’s theory on how online shopping can become even easier and more efficient, I was intrigued. A big part of why online shopping is so popular is that it’s so easy. It makes having products that are not necessarily available close by to everyone, very accessible. The world has instantly become quite smaller with all the opportunities that are so much closer and more available thanks to online shopping.

Michael Ginnerskov Jensen

The way online shopping is changing

Michael Ginnerskov Jensen and his theory about how online shopping will change is very interesting. As far as how I understand his theory, he means that the consumers want everything in one place, easy and accessible. In my opinion, he is not wrong. He has created his own online store, which provides an exclusive service for the consumer. The online store has a club, in which the members get exclusive offers. It’s the one I have talked about earlier here on the blog. Honest Kiss. I really enjoyed shopping there as you can read in the post.

Membership for better offers

The idea of having a club where only the members get access to certain products is really interesting to me. I don’t mind being a member anywhere, as long as I get what I feel like it’s worth it. In this specific club, the members pay for the membership each month and get a gift card they can shop for. The gift card is at the exact amount that the members pay. Knowing that it’s almost as if the membership is for free.

Michael Ginnerskov Jensen and online shopping

Giving your customers gift cards is a great idea. You only make the experience easier for them, and they don’t have to think about not having money to spend on the products. It’s very smart both as a way of doing business and also as a way of making it more convenient for the consumer. Michael Ginnerskov Jensen wants to make online shopping much easier for everyone.

Online shopping with Michael Ginnerskov Jensen and his online store

Will we see this more places?

The whole membership and gift card process is probably something that we will see more of. It is in my opinion genius, and it allows me to set aside money to buy both beauty and fashion items that I want, each month. And the best part? I don’t even have to actively do it, since the online store does it for me. In my opinion that is definitely something new. I think Michael Ginnerskov Jensen has figured out something that can work really well when it comes to online shopping. I’m excited to see the development of this.

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