Fashion that I love!

Fashion styles that I love and adore!

Some types of styles in fashion are iconic! You just have to say the word and images of different looks and styles will come pouring in. Like just mentioning the ’60s will spark an image of a flower girl in a floral dress with braids in her hair. Or the 70’s with wide pants and geometrical patterns everywhere. Even movies come to mind when thinking about certain styles. Saturday Night Fever is for example impossible to think about without also thinking about the fashion and style that was detrimental to the movie. 

Classic navy style, not just for going on a boat! 

I absolutely love this fashion style! That is also why I mention it first, it’s just so classical and stylish! Especially for the summertime! Navy blue is also my favorite color, so a perfect style choice for me. Navy style makes me think of old-timey photos and luxurious boates.

Now used outside of the boat scene just as much, luckily for us not owning a boat! I just love the high waisted style, it looks good and feels good! High waisted skirts and loose high waisted pants in red, white, and blue. Match those colors right and you’re guaranteed a classy outfit! The best thing about the navy style is that basically everyone looks great in it! 

The perfect fashion for the summer, go bohemian! 

Freedom, floral,  free-spirits, the 70’s, art, and fun are words that come to mind when thinking about bohemian fashion. To really encapsulate this style go for maxi dresses, free-flowing fabric that carefully flows in the breeze, and fun prints.

You should go for earth tones, no neon here! But you could always use stronger shades of more natural colors, such as red, orange, or turquoise. Fringes are also always a plus, as well as layering your clothes. Retro patterns should be present and tie-dye is always welcome! As an additional detail, add a cute flower in your hair. 

The sporty style is the most comfortable fashion style ever!

Sporty fashion

Okay, I’ll be the first one to admit it! I don’t just wear sports clothes for when I’m going to the gym. Mostly I wear my activewear when I’m not being active at all! Like when I’m sitting on the couch just chilling or just going to the supermarket. So comfortable, but still a look that can be super stylish if done right! A pair of trendy leggings with the right oversized T-shirt is a sure-fire winner! I especially like the leggings that are in now, high waisted and slimming. 

And of course, it’s not possible to talk about this style of fashion without mentioning sneakers. I just got a pair of new sneakers from Nike last week, and I am honestly obsessed! Got them from here, and I’ve been using them ever since. I also love the combination of sneakers with more preppy looking skirts!

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