Fall is coming!

Fall is coming! I’m so excited about this season’s fashion!

I love the summer, but it also feels nice seeing the seasons change. And after looking at this year’s fashion for the fall, I honestly can’t wait! Bikini and sunglasses are exchanged with knitted sweaters and hot cocoa, can’t complain! So as the days are getting colder, sit yourself down on your couch and look forward to all these amazing upcoming fashion trends! 

Leather me up! One of the biggest trends this fall! 

Leather can feel a bit warm if the sun is still shining, so maybe a good idea to save this trend for the colder fall months. All the biggest brands in the world have been sporting leather clothes on the catwalk this year. You don’t have to go full-on “The Matrix”, but it seems the fashion designers want us covered from head to toe in leather. Personally, I’ll be sticking to my old leather jacket, but also adding a few new leather clothes to my wardrobe. 

Having a big belt around your waist, to extenuate your figure is also widely popular this season. Why not make it a belt made of leather and make it even more stylish? If leather becomes this big in the fall, do you guys think we will be seeing leather masks? Let’s hope not! I like these ones so much better anyways!

There’s nothing more classic than the trench coat in the fall! 

Always trendy and in style, regardless of the decade. The trench coat is a timeless classic. So saying its back in style for this fall feels a bit wrong to me. I’d rather say it’s even more trendy this fall than its been for a long time! Pair it with literally anything, a well-designed trench coat will always make you look flawlessly fashionable. I really do think you can wear anything with a trench coat and still make it look good, but my favorite thing to wear will always be pumps. Nothing beats the combination of a nice looking pair of pumps and a stylish trench coat. You can find awesome trench coats here! 

The bigger the bag, the better!

Are you tired of all the small bags that have been trending in the last years? I certainly am! How am I going to be able to fit all my necessities in a bag the size of my iPad? Where will my water bottle, makeup, extra perfume, sunglasses, and my goldfish go? Not possible! So I for one was very pleased to learn that for this fall, small bags are out, and big bags are in! Big shoulder bags that will fit everything your heart desires. According to the big fashion brands, the design of the bag should look a bit thrown around, almost sloppy looking. So no sharp lines, no edges, just a big bag ready to carry everything you will need for the next week!

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