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2021 will bring back trends from the 1970s

The 1970s have gifted us with some of the most iconic styles throughout the 20th century. 2019 brought back fringes, tie-dye, & flower power. Denim, neon, and flares made an appearance in 2020. So what will 2021 have in store for us? 70s inspired looks are set to take over in 2021. Even roller skates are rumored to be making a comeback, thanks to influences of TikTok. Raid your wardrobe for your favourite pair of flared jeans and button-downs and let’s strut into the new year in style!

Dress down in 2021 with overalls & Wild West vibes

We all love to arrive home after a long day at the office, kick off our heels, and change into something more comfortable. Now, how about if I told you that 2021 is bringing us some slouchy fashionable on-trend pieces. I think this may be the best news I’ve heard all year! Overalls are a principle piece of clothing and so easy to style. For 2021, the bolder the pattern, the better. Striped & tie-dye designs are a must heading into the spring season. Simply team your dungarees with a white tee and you’re good to go!

During early 2020, the Wild West trend was on all accounts present on the runway. Country style clothing is characterised by simplicity and convenience. To own this look, I am not referring to jeans, cowboy boots, and ten-gallon hats. Most likely, you won’t have this form of attire in any event. 2021 will modernise the Wild West style. Instead, focus your attention on the Wild West pattern. T-shirts, boho jackets, and especially denim jackets will be all the rage in 2021.

2021 Trends Fashion Overalls Dungarees

Yin & Yang – trouser suits / halter neckline

It’s no secret that there are two types of girls in this world. Those of us that hold the confidence to wear a low cut top with a pair of figure-hugging jeans and show off what your mama gave you! Then there are those who prefer to own their look with a much more subtle yet bold look. Whichever style you prefer, don’t worry as 2021 has you covered!

Although the halter neckline peaked in popularity back in the 1960s, it has become oh so much sexier! The slinky looks appear in the later 1970s and will make a reappearance in 2021. Halter neckline tops or dresses will be a showstopper. Kylie, Kim & J Lo have all been snapped wearing this look and killing it. On the other end of the spectrum, suits or separates in pastel tones remain one of the voguish styles for seasons to come. I like to think that the suit look is a reflection of women’s empowerment, but owning our entitlement in a sexy way.

2021 Trends Fashion Shoes Clogs

Simple shoes for 2021- over the knee boots & clogs

Ok, we now have some of our new outfits taking us into 2021. Let’s not, however, forget about the footwear. The straight leg boots have kept us warm through the winter months this year. Trends moving into next year have continued to appreciate the knee-high boot but we have a new flavor leading the way. White knee-high boots. Stay with the slouchy vibe by wearing them with an oversized dress, or with a suede skirt & bra top for a tight sexy look.

To achieve a more retro vibe, the traditionally “ugly” shoe is coming back with a vengeance in 2021. Originating from the Netherlands, a pair of clogs soon became known worldwide and have never really disappeared from the world of fashion. From the summer/spring runway to the high street shops, collaborate a pair of sleek and shiny clogs with any dress of your choice to achieve this runway-worthy style.

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