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Top 5: hot beauty trends on Instagram

Instagram serves many purposes. Maybe you use the social media platform to upload photos from vacations, cute snaps of your pets, or the most beautiful meal of the week. In addition to this, Instagram is a place with many photos and hashtags that relate to a beauty trend. Some of the hottest beauty trends start on Instagram. This includes both brands, influencers and celebrities..
I love to experiment with makeup myself, so today I will take a look at Instagram and hope to find some great sources of inspiration!

1. Eyebrows on fleek – a beauty trend that defines social media

Some years ago, eyebrows were almost nonexistent. Preferable, they had to be as thin as possible. They definitely shouldn’t look natural. Bushy eyebrows were considered as a lack of care. They had to be trimmed, combed and not really draw too much attention to themselves. But hey, that time has passed, and thank God for that! Today, eyebrows are “welcome” to make a more noticeable appearance. Now, this can be a bit of a challenge if you do not naturally have a lot of brows to work with. Fear not, since there are many opportunities to draw in and fill out. I have previously written an article about my favorite makeup products for the everyday look, check it out here.

2. Hair clips – the return of this accessory!

If you were a child in the 90s or 2000s, you probably remember using all sorts of hair clips and bobby pins. Maybe you kept them in a cute little jewelry box. Nowadays, cute hair clips have made their way onto Instagram as an emerging trend. Find a hair clip that suits your makeup and hairstyle and use it conveniently to keep your hair in place, and as an expression of your style. This 90s beauty trend is back!

3. Full and eye-catchy lips

Full and defined lips have been on the list of trends for a while now and this beauty trend does not seem to diminish with time. Lips must be noticed and preferably accompanied by a nude color. If you don’t have big lips by nature, many influencers post tutorials about how to get your lips to appear bigger and plumper. If you are looking for inspiration, you can check out this article which provides you with great advice.

4. A new beauty trend on Instagram – no makeup!

beauty trends - natural look

‚Ķ Or well, almost no makeup. The natural look is also a beauty trend that is worth noticing. The bare face without any (visible) makeup also serves as a statement that emphasizes our natural value. If you are not ready to post a picture 100% “au natural”, you can choose a natural-looking BB cream or add a little fullness to your eyebrows. But remember, you are beautiful already – also with a “naked” face!

5. Eyeshadow in pastel colors – make Instagram colorful!

Beauty trends - colorful makeup

Pastel is back and the smokey eye has been replaced by soothing light colors. Not only must it be colorful, but the colors can also be combined! You can highlight your eye color with a matching pastel. You can also create a contrast to your eyes by playing around with different shades and don’t be afraid to be bold. This beauty trend on Instagram is one of my favorites. It defines this new decade where the matte earth tones and nude shades might be on the way out.
What do you think?

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