My favourite makeup products

My favourite makeup products for the everyday look!

I love to put on makeup and I also wear a lot every day! Meaning, I also use up my makeup quite rapidly. I, therefore, love to find some nice quality products, but to a reasonable price. Read along and take notice of my favourite products I use for the everyday look!

Good quality makeup to good prices!

Woman with favorite makeup

As mentioned, I wear a lot of makeup in my everyday life. In that sense, that I would not go outside without my makeup mask on! I believe it boosts my confidence and self-awareness about my look, but at the same time, I also just love to put on makeup. I like to try something new, be creative with both look and colours. I’ve also tried some makeup hack, that actually works if you want to check it out!

When I’m going out to a party or something like that, I like to use more exclusive products. In my every day, on the contrary, I always try to use products, that are not that pricy. After all, I use it every day so I have to buy new. Some of my favourite brands are Rimmel, Maybelline and L’Oréal. All 3 brands that are at the better end of the price scale! I especially love L’Oréal. They just have everything! 

My everyday makeup look

For my everyday look I a variety of product for my face like concealer, foundation, highlighter and contour. For the eyes, I always use eyeliner, mascara and colour for the brows. The most important thing though is a great finish with a lipstick or a gloss. I would feel completely naked without that! I might be slightly overexaggerating, but I love it!

In order not bore you too much, I’ll just highlight some of the products, that means the most in my look and that I just simply can’t be without!

Primer to smooth the face

Smoothing out my face

I have a relatively smooth face already with not too many impurities, but have a tendency to have a quite red face! And sometimes that is just too much. So I always start with a green primer, that reduces most of the natural redness. I use Master Prime Redness Control from Maybelline, that costs around 8-10 €. It’s really good before the rest of the makeup

To cover small spots and marks in the face I use the Match Perfection Concealer from Rimmel! Always been a favourite! Blends really natural with my skin. Rimmel actually has some really nice products for the face and especially their foundations. I always use the same one! It’s from the same series as the concealer, Match Perfection, and the consistency is just so smooth. And you really don’t have to use that much to cover your whole face!  For contour and highlighter, I use the Pro-Contour Palette from L’Oréal Paris. It just works really well – all in one!  

Define the eyes and finish with hot lips!

My eyebrows are quite dark, so I actually don’t do much about them. I just draw them a bit up with Brow Ultra Slim Defining Eyebrow Pencil from Maybelline. As the name says, it defines them but just makes them look even more natural. It also comes with a built-in brush to create precisely defined brows.

As an eyeliner, I use Eyestudio Master Precise All Day Liquid from Maybelline. It’s smooth, waterproof and so easy to apply. Lasts all day without smearing! Love it! Maybelline is also behind my mascara; The Colossal Washable Mascara. It’s brilliant. It gives so much volume and bold lashes. You gotta try it!

To be honest, it was a bit hard to select my favourite lipstick, as I use A LOT. I vary from day to day, different colours and so on. Though, if I really had to choose one it gotta be the Satin Lipstick from L’oréal. It contains Argan Oil and Sesame Seed Oil and just runs perfectly over my lips. the perfect finish!

I hope I got you some inspiration for your everyday makeup!

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