Get your makeup ready for Fall!

Fall is the best time to be bold and explore with your make-up choices. Leaves are falling from the trees and we are surrounded by beautiful colours. I like to adapt my make-up to the seasons, and Fall is my all-time favourite season. The make-up trend of 2020 is to make a statement, but how does one make a statement you might ask me? If you like it simple, be creative and DON’T be afraid to step forward to show off. 

Golden catchy eyes

Golden eyes - make-up

One of my favourite trends is the golden eye look, it can lift a look to a whole new level. The majority would think that there’s no wiggle room to experiment due to the colour, but think again ladies. Gold comes in many different nuances and you can explore as much as you’d please. My lipstick recommendation for this look would be a warm nude colour, cause it will create a focus on the eye area. You can check out my previous post so you can put your new gained fashion and make-up knowledge into action.

Stock up on your facial adornments! 

Now is the time to stock up your collection of face adornments, and will frequently be worn on the runway. You can incorporate it as a part of your look and achieve total glam. What I love about face adornments is that you can define yourself just as much as you can with make-up. Nonetheless face adornments makes you stand out and will for sure attract attention in your direction. 

Colours Colours Colours – Let’s get crazy with make-up!

The beautiful colours of Fall inspire me tremendously. I find inspiration for my looks by taking a walk and mix and match the colours I find on my way.  In my mind, I create an idea of how I can bring the colours I stumble upon into my make-up. The other day I took a walk in the nearest forest and I stumbled over this beautiful burgundy coloured leaf, and immediately I had the next idea for a genius make-up look. That is why my go-to lipstick for this Fall will be an oxblood lipstick, and I will be reminded of my little forest adventure whenever I choose to wear it. Click here if you wish to buy the same lipstick. 

Two-toned make-up look 

The two-toned eyeshadow look is a new and bold trend, that I personally am a huge fan of. I love colours and I love what you can do with them, that is why this is my all-time favourite look! This look requires a light colour base so that you can build up the chosen colours to perfection.

If you are struggling with matching the right colours, fear not, help will be provided, ladies. Bronze goes very well with plum, gold can be paired with purple and copper harmonizes amazingly well with navy. However, you can put together your favourite eyeshadow colours to find the perfect two-toned eye-look for you

Stay fierce girls! 🙂

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