Makup trends making a comeback

Makeup trends that are making a comeback!

Over the years makeup trends have come and gone. Some of the lost ones are dearly missed by many, and then there are some that are unmentionables. I’m talking about you, shiny orange bronzer from the early 00s! But today I have found a good amount of makeup trends I haven’t seen in a while. They have been missed as other trends have passed them by. But won’t you look at that! Here they are, making a grand comeback for the ages. So let’s look at some makeup trends I’m happy to say are back in style! 

Changing matte lipsticks for healthy and nourishing lip balms 

Okay, so maybe this isn’t exactly a comeback trend, considering a lot of people use lip balms all the time. But the ditching lipsticks and lipglosses have experienced lately is substantial. And there is a simple reason for that.. Wearing a mask while wearing red lipstick is usually a recipe for disaster. I learned this when I ended up looking like Ronald McDonald after taking my mask off. Due to constant mask-wearing, lip products feel a bit more unnecessary. So in the meantime, one might as well wear something that will soothe and nourish one’s lips. At least that is the option I’m going for at the moment. Although, it will be a great moment when we can all show off our lipstick-look again!  

Lip balms are trending this year

Colorful makeup trends are coming your way!

Nude tones have had their season, now let’s bring some color back into our lives! Instead of reaching for that nude/brown eyeshadow palette, why not go for a more bold look? Bring on the blue, the green and the purple! In my own humble opinion, I feel this trend is in correlation with the former. When covering half our faces, it’s more fun to focus on the part that shows. I’ve been searching YouTube for a fun new colorful look to try out, and I’m ready! But the color doesn’t stop there. Colorful lipsticks are trending as well. Just don’t get them smudged all over while wearing a mask, and you’re good! I’m maybe not so adventurous that I’d go for a blue lipstick myself, but it sure looks good on a catwalk!

Blue lipstick is one of the new fashion trends this year

Something is changing in the world of eyebrows…

One of the biggest changing trends in the last years has been how to style eyebrows. I can remember back in the early 2000s when they were meant to be almost invisible. Thank you for that Christina Aguilera! Her eyebrow game has certainly changed, that’s for sure! I loved when more natural eyebrows came into style. Bushy and messy, and then recently a bit more shaped. The new trend now is styled brows – but with a twist, or should I say split? Yes, the newest in the world of makeup trends for eyebrows is to make a split or a slit at the arch of your brow. It doesn’t have to be a big split, but just noticeable enough to make a difference. It’s a brave and bold statement to do, and having it professionally done is advised. 


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