The way I've been shopping in quarantine

I am a member of the Honest Kiss Club

I have been a member of the Honest Kiss Club for a couple of months now. For me, it’s something I’ve really enjoyed. Especially when it comes to the whole situation the world is in at the moment. It’s not like we can just go out to the nearest mall and mix with a bunch of people. It simply does not feel safe. I guess some of us CAN do that, but at least for me, that’s not an option that I’ve considered these last few months. Because of that, it’s been really great to be a member of the Honest Kiss Club which has allowed me to shop exclusive products from the member section of Honest Kiss. The special “Honest Kiss Club” section

My first experience with the Honest Kiss Club

Some of you might have read my previous post about my first experience with the Honest Kiss Club, and their website in general. The first impression that I got of the whole concept was very good. I received my Honest Kiss Gift Box a couple of weeks after ordering it. I had chosen a makeup box, and I have to admit that I’ve been using the products a lot after receiving them! Some of the products were new to me, and others I knew from earlier… All of them lived up to my expectations, so all in all I was happy with my first experience being a member of the Honest Kiss Club

Sign up – get a free gift box

Honestly, to me, it was a great incentive that I’d get a free gift box if I became a member of the Honest Kiss Club. Who doesn’t want a free gift box full of great products? I was also informed that I could leave the club at any time. Thanks to that, I felt like I had nothing to lose. Now, some months later, I’m still a member! It’s not like I’ve been shopping every month, but the gift cards that I’ve gotten won’t expire, so I can always save them for later. 

Making the quarantine shopping fun

As a member of the Honest Kiss Club, I’ll get a gift card each month. Obviously, I pay for the gift card, but I think it’s really nice to give that as a little gift to myself each month. And Honest Kiss has a lot of different things on their website, so I can always find something if I feel like shopping. Even though I’m not prancing the streets recently, I still want to look good. And what better time to play around with makeup and develop my skills than when no-one can see me if I fail? And if I do succeed I can assure you I have my selfie camera ready for an Instagram post. Haha, you guys know how it is! The struggle when you get the PERFECT cat-eye look and have no-where to go. 

Stay home everyone

Customer service takes the Honest Kiss Club to the next level

Something I’d like to mention is that I am very happy with the customer service of Honest Kiss. They made me feel heard and valued, with clear information. Just how I like it. I don’t want a lot of “filler” information that I don’t need. I want the answer to my question, and that’s it – please. Well, the first month as a member of the Honest Kiss Club I was not completely sure how it worked. I had some questions in regards to the gift card, as I did not want to risk that it expired. So I sent an email to and the next day I had an answer to my question in my inbox. Or actually, it landed in my spam folder, but now I made sure to add them as a contact so that I won’t have that happen in the future. Just a little tip for you guys. I was at least very happy with the service that I received, and they made everything clear and understandable. 

I love to change up my perfume with the seasons

It might be just me, but I really love to change up my perfume with the seasons. I just feel like I need something light in the spring and summer, and something a bit “heavier” in the colder months. As an Honest Kiss Club member, I get access to a lot of amazing perfumes in the section that’s exclusive for Honest Kiss Club members only. I have to admit that I really love the feeling of exclusivity. It’s so easy to become a member, so I know that anyone can get access if they want to… But just having that access myself is something I really like the feeling of. It might be shallow, but it is how it is. 

The Honest Kiss Club section

My choice for this winter

First of all, the products at Honest Kiss are already discounted. But using a gift card makes it even cheaper. I decided to go for the Hermés 24 Faubourg EDT, which will be the perfect winter scent for me. It’s a bit more expensive than what I usually go for, but you know what… Perfumes are often not necessarily the cheapest, but they last for so long. I think it’s definitely worth it when you find a scent that speaks to you. Not to mention that there is nothing worse than “over-using” perfumes. So use your perfume wisely, haha. I guess we have all experienced someone walking past us and it feels like they stayed right next to you for the next 10 minutes… Not a cute look. 

It’s really easy being a member of the Honest Kiss Club

Like I have previously shared with you, I really enjoy the gift cards that I receive monthly from Honest Kiss, by being a member of their club. It’s my own little investment in myself. That’s how I see it. And honestly, I really feel like we all could use something to light up our days in these difficult times the whole world is in at the moment. I feel like the gift card is my little surprise to myself each month. And I actually realized that if I don’t want to use the gift card myself at a point, I can just either share it with a family member or even sell it to someone who’d like to buy something. At the moment I haven’t reached that, haha. And also if I reach that point I’ll probably just unsubscribe from the Honest Kiss Club. It’s so simple, just going to a website to do it and that’s it. It’s very nice knowing how easy the process is, for whenever I’ll get there. I assume that after the pandemic has passed I might actually enjoy physical shopping, haha. Let’s see… 

Lockdown mode ON

A little surprise purchased in the Honest Kiss Club section

The last thing I’ve used my gift card on I cannot spoil yet. I have ordered something for my sister, which is not a member… I’ve tried to get her to become a member as she always borrows my stuff, but she has yet to sign up. I honestly don’t care if she is a member or not, I just want her to have good things… But because of this I just HAD to press “add to basket” when I found something that was perfect for her. I know she reads my blog so I don’t want to spoil anything. Maybe I’ll share it with you at a later point. Especially if I end up making a gift guide at some point. Now Christmas is over so it’s not the best moment, but maybe another time. I have to remember to write down the good ideas I have so that I can share them with you at another time. 

Personal recommendations are the best

I am absolutely sure that I’m not the only one that finds personal recommendations the best. It’s simply because if someone I know or follow recommends me something that they really enjoy themselves, I kind of want it a bit more as I can trust the quality of the product. It’s partly because of this I wanted to write this blog post. I am not affiliated with or connected with Honest Kiss in any way, except being a member of the Honest Kiss Club (as so many others), but I thought I’d share my happy experience with you in case you are considering becoming a member or thinking that this could be something worth checking out. Hope you all are safe and healthy, and that we all can get through this difficult period very soon. I think we all just want this to end, and in a good way… I personally will stay home as long as I can. Or at least until we have confirmed that it’s safe to go outside. Stay safe lovelies!

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