Lush is the best brand for cruelty-free and vegan skincare and haircare.

Get luscious skin and hair with Lush

Lush is definitely my go-to brand for all my skin and hair care needs. I absolutely love the products. I also love that all of them are cruelty-free and vegan. Good for the environment, the animals, and me! 

Whatever you are looking for in terms of skin care or hair care you will find the product for you! Lush has a huge selection and constantly creates seasonal products that are always awesome!

Skincare from Lush

There is something for every skin type at Lush! If you have skin that gets dry or if you’re more prone to break-outs and greasy skin you are not going to be disappointed with the selection at Lush. They can cater to every need.

Sometimes I buy my skin care products online but I love going to the Lush shops. The best part of visiting a store is that the staff have so much knowledge and will be able to recommend the perfect skincare routine for you! 

Products from Lush gives your hair and skin a luscious look. Cruelty-free and vegan products that are great. They work wonders on the skin and smell great.

Angel hair

I think taking care of my hair is the most important part of my beauty routine. I love having healthy-looking and soft hair that doesn’t need to be washed very often. Here are a few tips for your hair, pair them with Lush and you’ll look fab!   

I have been using their shampoos for years and I have tried a lot of different ones. My latest discovery is their range of solid shampoos. And I love them, I don’t see myself going back to using traditional ones ever again. 

The solid shampoos from Lush are great because they last for a really long time and really leaves the hair feeling amazing and with a long-lasting smell. What more could you ask for? 

Lush has a big selection of solid shampoos but if I could only recommend one of them it would definitely be Jason and the Argan Oil. It’s amazing! It leaves the hair so soft and looking like you just came straight from the hairdresser every time you use it! 

My top three product pics

So I want to share my top 3 products from Lush with you! These are the ones that I keep coming back to and that I always make sure I have in my bathroom. I don’t actually know what I would do without them! 

Number one is the facial soap Coalface! I love it because it really cleans the face deeply without irritating it. It takes good care of the greasier areas and also provides moisture to the more dry parts. It’s just perfect both in the mornings and in the evenings. Gets you ready to face the day and it helps you to wash the day off. You should try it! 

Number two of my favourite Lush products is Pink Peppermint. A foot cream that just makes your feet incredibly soft! I have always had trouble finding a good cream that will keep my feet looking great every day but this cream really works. I use it only a couple of times per week and that’s enough. 

The third product that I can’t live without is the body lotion Sleepy. It’s great to use it in the evening after the shower. It has a very subtle smell of lavender that makes you really relaxed! I think this one is actually my number one pick of the three products! 

If you haven’t already tried Lush you definitely should, I can almost guarantee that you’ll be impressed with the quality!

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