Tips for daily face yoga

Have you ever heard about face yoga or face training?

I have never heard about face yoga before, but I have now seen the word a couple of times. So I thought, that I wanted to research a bit about what face yoga can do for you – both now and on a longer run. And of course, also try it out!

What is face yoga and what effect can it have?

I am not really a big yoga fan, so when I saw the word face yoga the first, I did laugh a bit about it. My imagination just kept seeing people making crazy faces to train it – but does it even help?

I have recently started to think a lot more about what I do to my body in regards to diet and exercise. So when I once again say the idea, I started researching a bit about what that might do for me. I’ve always taken very good of my face and doing real good facial care every day. If you want some tips, I recommend you read my other post: “My tips for a simple daily facial skincare”.

So my thought was, that why not just try it out. Couldn’t do any harm, could it!? Apparently, the right face yoga or face training should lift up your face and reduce the outcome of wrinkles. Which actually makes very good sense if you ask me. It is like when you do a good body workout, your goal is also to be tighter, so with a good face workout, you can tighten up your face and make it look younger! Or keep it young!

It not necessarily something I need right now, as I still like to think I’m pretty young, but I do believe it must have a preventive effect, so I might avoid wrinkles for a long time yet!

There is a lot of muscles in the face, so that is what you have to get going. By training your muscles, they will naturally become bigger by increasing the blood circulation. That will give a natural smoothing and tightening of your face. Face yoga can also make your face more expressive and fresher. Who doesn’t want that?

Woman doing face yoga


3 easy exercises for your daily face training

You can of course make these exercises as often as you’d like, as it does not require a lot! You can do it while you are at work or when you are chilling with Netflix on the couch! The most important thing is just that you do it daily and preferably 10-20 repetitions of each exercise!

You can see some videos on YouTube if you want some inspiration! Though, here are my 3 easy exercises for you!

  1. I have to start with the smiles! First, you have to smile as big as you can without opening up your mouth. That way you’ll warm up your cheeks. After that make a pout with your mouth, where you suck all the air from your cheeks. Hold every position in a few seconds and change between the big smile and the pout!
  2. Now your cheeks need some tightening! Blow up your cheeks as much as you can and try to move the air from one side to another. Do it until you don’t have any more breath – hold it as long as you can! Repeat!
  3. The last thing you can try is some yoga for the area around your eyes. Hold your focus on a steady spot on the horizon and try to make your eyes as big as possible without moving your eyelids or brows! Hold it for 10 seconds if you can – and repeat!

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