Drink enough water a day

Do you drink enough water during the day?

It is extremely important for your body and wellbeing to get enough fluids during the day. Many tend to forget drinking enough water and that can make more damage than you know. Your body really needs enough fluids. So if you drink enough it can have a really good effect on your wellbeing.

Your body consists of around 60 % water – so why do I have to drink so much myself?

Many don’t realize hoy many your body’s water balance is. I read, that over 70 % don’t drink enough fluid during a day. Your body consists of 60 % water, and it’s important that this balance is good, so that all the processes in your body function. And we lose a lot of fluids during the day.

It, of course, varies from person to person depending on how active one is. Though, a grown man is said to lose 2-3 litres a day. That via urine, sweat, breath etc., so it of course very important, that you drink during the day. Your water balance is paramount to your daily health and wellbeing.

Drinking enough water should also reduce the toxins of the skin and give it a more radiant glow, so it is also a huge part in your skincare.

– but how much should I drink then?

Drink 2 litres a day

If we don’t drink enough, your body will dehydrate, meaning that the processes of your body won’t function optimally. You have probably sometimes felt weak symptoms of dehydration. That being dizziness and headache – or if you are having a real hard time focusing and concentrating. That might be signs of dehydration. Though, if you go very long without enough fluid, you can develop much more severe symptoms. Such as low blood pressure or renal impairment – and that can, in the end, become fatal.

So it is very important to drink enough fluids. A bit of good advice is to aim for 2 litres of water a day, then you are at least good. Though, if you want to calculate a bit more exact so to speak how much you need, then aim for around a 1/3 of your body weight in deciliter. So if you way 60 kilos, you should drink 20 deciliters or 2 litres.

A few tips to remember your daily hydration!

It can be a bit hard during a day to drink enough. Especially while you are at work, where you can easily get very focused and maybe you just pick up a cup of coffee. Try to always have an empty drink bottle with you where ever you are, so are always able to fill it up! Set up some goals for the day, like you have to drink 2 bottles before lunch or similar.

You can also use an app for your smartphone, that will remind you to drink water and help you with the quantity. Or take it to the next level and get a gadget. It is a little thingy you put on your bottle or glass, that will remind you to drink. It has different settings, but it will register if you don’t drink enough and will blink to get your attention. Perfect for the office!

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