Double cleansing face

Double cleansing: how you do it, and why

As a girl that really cares about my makeup and skin, double cleansing is essential. I started double cleansing after I was getting a facial at a spa about a year ago. I have really noticed a big difference in my skin, and because of that, I’d love to tell you why you should do it as well.

A two step routine to clean skin

The double cleansing method is a two-step method. You need two different products, but the result is fantastic. And it’s so simple! Another positive thing is that it doesn’t take long at all. At first when I heard the name “double cleanse” I thought that “gosh, that must take forever”. The truth of the matter is that it just takes about 2 minutes longer than what I used before I started this routine. Washing your face is as important as washing your makeup brushes. And you don’t want to do that halfway either.

What you need

It’s very simple. You need an oil-based cleanser and a water-based cleanser. Just pick your favorite in each category, and you’re good. You’re ready to start double cleansing. If you’re not sure about which ones that are good for your skin type, I’d advise you to go by a beauty salon or a store that sells makeup. They might be able to help you out with that.

How you do it when double cleansing

For the first round of double cleansing, you simply use the oil-based cleanser and massage it into your skin. This will allow all makeup, SPF, and other dirt that is stuck on your face after a long day, to disappear. When you’ve washed that off, it’s time for step two. On step two of double cleansing, you use the water-based cleanser to really get all the rests that the first cleanser didn’t get off, with you. The second step ensures that your skin really gets clean.

Why you should double cleanse

Like I mentioned earlier, the double cleansing method is a great way to ensure clean skin. Our skin gets affected by a lot of outside stressors during the day… This is obviously necessary to remove to make sure the other products we use on our skin can penetrate properly and function the way they are supposed to. Outside stressors can be pollution, makeup, SPF, stress, sweat, and other things. If you have never double cleansed before, it can be nice to read a little guide about it.

Some final tips for perfect skin

The common thing is to do the double cleansing routine at night. This is obviously because the skin goes through a lot more in regards to what affects it, during the daytime… Because of that, it’s much more necessary at night. Remember to use products that are right for your skin type, because if you don’t the results can go the opposite way than you want. In addition, I would advise you to follow up with a scrub right after double cleansing, a couple of days a week. This will give you an amazing glow!

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