My best makeup hacks

DIY makeup hacks you should try at home!

Life hacks in all sort of ways have become so big on social media platforms! I’ve read a lot of beauty and makeup hacks, that I’d like to share with you! Only the ones I’ve tried, that works!

Makeup hacks for your nails!

There are so many different makeup hacks out there and a loooot of them are also really weird. However, I have now tried quite many and I’d like to share some that work, that I think you’d like! As I say in my article about my favorite makeup products, I love doing makeup, so why not make it easier!

The first ones are a few tips for nail polish, which I personally love! I’m really not good at putting on polish. I don’t think I have the patience to be honest. So hard, especially when I have to use the left hand. The dead hand… This makeup hack will change your world! Okay.. Maybe just change your nail polish!

Before you start applying nail polish, then put a thin layer of vaseline or lip balm around your nails. Then just apply the nail polish as normal, and when it’s dry wash your hands! The polish won’t stick where the vaseline is, so it will come right off! That’s a wonder makeup hack in my opinion!

You can also use the vaseline to put around the bottleneck of your nail polish, that way the cap won’t dry and get stuck! Go get that vaseline!

Hack for them eyes

Do you use an eyelash curler? I do! And I have found a really nice hack. Maybe you already know it. You can buy some really expensive ones with for example a heating technique, so your lashes will curl faster and even keep the shape longer. I have not dared to buy one, as they are quite expensive if you want a good one, but I have found makeup hacks for that too!

It’s quite simple, to be honest. Just use your blow dryer! Warm the curler good up (you might wanna test it on your arm before using it, so you burn your lids), and then curl those lashes! So simple, right?

If you got more interested in me talking about the heated curler, you can see a review of some different ones here. It actually looks like it could be much easier, so I might try that one day!

When your lashes are then nice and pretty and ready for mascara, I have a new makeup hack for you! If you want to avoid getting mascara on your lids after applying the perfect eyeshadow, you can use a spoon as a shield. Just hold it up against your eyelid and the mascara will hit that instead. Much easier to wash the spoon, than fixing your makeup!

The last of my small makeup hacks is for your brows. Use an old mascara wand (that you have washed completely clean of course) to fix your brows and keep them in shape. Even is if you spray hair spray on it and use it over brows. That way they will stay shape for most of the day. And if you are like me, you always have a hair spray by hand!

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