Tips for skincare

My tips for a simple daily facial skincare

Facial skincare is one of the most important morning & night rituals I have. For me, it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Your face is one of the first things people see and will do for the rest of your life! So take care of it! 

Important with skincare for right skin type

It can be quite hard to figure out what is the right or the best skincare for you and your skin type. Firstly, it is very important to figure out what kind of skin type you have before you can find the right products. If you don’t use the right products that are for your skin type you might aggravate or irritate your skin instead. And that is definitely not what you want with your skincare! My favorite products for my face are mainly for skincare are mainly from Clarins, which you can read about in my article about their products.

I myself have a normal skin type with a tendency to dry skin, as obviously is very different to more greasy and oily skin. So it makes much sense, that different remedies and active ingredients are needed to give the proper care for your skin. I see myself quite lucky with my skin and very rarely have any impurities or other problems with my skin. Which I’m of course very happy about! It might have something to do with my mum. She has always been very attentive about my skin and always put cream on me. I remember it very cleary, as I hated it as a child! but that just means, that I have done the same thing and always took great importance of my skincare!


Evening routine just as important as the morning

It is not only important to find out which products match your skin type, but it is also important to remember to right order for your routine. So you don’t finish with a facial serum or start with oil. Again, you have to live with that face for the rest of your life, so might as well start now ?

Many might think, that it is the morning routine that is most important. However, your evening routine is just as important! During the night your skin is not as exposed, so your products really have time to react with your skin. So also remember that skincare routine before you go to bed!

My daily skincare routine

My routine is relatively simple and more or less the same in the morning as in the evening. The only difference is, that in the evening I use a mild makeup remover before I start my actual skincare. I then start with a facial cleanser to remove all filth and to wash my face properly clean. Then I make sure my face is completely dry and I use a skin tonic. You have to apply that gently over your face and it’s important to let it enter your skin before you continue. A tonic is preparing your skin so that the rest of your products have a better effect.

The next step is a facial serum, which is a very important step in your routine. The serum has a very high concentration of active ingredients, that sink deep into your skin and take effect more or less immediately. By using a serum you enhance the efficiency of your creams. If you find it a bit harsh, you can choose only to use it in the evening. I use Hydra-Essentiel Bi-phase Serum from Clarins.

The last step is properly the most important one and one you most likely already use. Finish your skincare routine with a very good moisturizing cream – preferably a day and night cream. I also use an eye cream, which hopefully will make those dark lines stay away for many years yet. A good moisturizing finish is a good way to keep all your products as efficient as possible!

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