My favourite skincare products from Clarins

There is a very big selection of different skincare products and a large variety of great brands on the market, so it can be quite difficult to find the best one. My favourite brand is by far Clarins, which I use for my entire skincare. I’ll list down what products I use for some inspiration!

Clarins is good quality for the money

My favourite brand is Clarins as I see it as very good quality for little money. Or at least compared to a lot of other brands. I don’t mind spending some extra money on my facial products, as it’s just a big part of my routines. You can read a bit more about that in my article about daily skincare. Though, it can be hard to find a favourite brand.

The market is indeed huge and there are hundreds of different kinds of brands to choose from. How do you track down the right product or the best brand that are better for you? Well, to be honest, that is a bit difficult to answer. I would say, that you have to try some out. Trial and error as you would say. Find out what kind of skin type you have and do some research. Or you could talk with a beautician. It does not necessarily have to be with a professional from a beauty clinic but could be a worker in your local cosmetics store. They are often very helpful and most of the employees also have a degree in cosmetics.

Set a budget for your products

Another thing that can help decrease the market is to find out how much money you want to spend on your products. The variation in prices is of course huge. It can variate from the very cheap brands, where you can get products for less than 10 € or to the extremely expensive brands as La Prairie, that has average prices between 400-600 €. They even have a night elixir, that costs more than 1000 €! That’s a bit crazy in my eyes! You can also go with brands like Clarins as I do. Their prices also vary a lot from like 15-150 €. Though, as I said, you just get good quality!!

I haven’t always used Clarins for my skincare

My favorite skincare brand Clarins

As I have mentioned in a previous article, I have normal to dry skin, and I have found some really good products by Clarins for my skin. I don’t say that this brand is necessarily the best brand, not even the best brand for me. But I have found out, that it works for me and then I don’t see the need to research the market any further.

It was kind of a coincidence, that I started using Clarins. I used to just use a very cheap series from Garnier, which I could get in my local supermarket. I was quite satisfied with it, but not really something that made wonders. Just keep my skin stable so to speak. Then some years back I got a gift box, that contained different travel size products. This included a tonic and a day cream. When I used these, I was an almost immediate reaction from my skin. Positively! My skin looked very healthy! So I bought a few products from the same series and I have used Clarins ever since!

What products do I use?

In my daily skincare, I use an eye makeup remover, facial cleanser, tonic, serum, eye cream and a moisturizer. For all these I use Clarins. You can find all their products on their own website.

Clarins night and day cream

Though, I’ll give you a simple overview of my products in the right order of my routine:

  1. Eye makeup remover: “Instant Eye Makeup Remover”
  2. Facial cleanser: “One Step Facial Cleanser”
  3. Skin tonic: “Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion”
  4. Facial serum: “Hydra-Essentiel Intensive Serum Bi-Phase”
  5. Eye creme: “Eye Contour Gel”
  6. Day cream: “Multi-Active Day Cream” / Night cream: “Multi-Active Night Cream”


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